Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Tribute to Bob (Happy Birthday Baby)


#10. Bob loved everyone, which made us happy.
#9. Everyone loved Bob, which made us glad.
#8. Bob thought he was a lap dog, which made us laugh.
#7. Bob took Rita's bossiness like the alpha male he was not, which made us shrug.
#6. Bob occasionally snapped back when Rita got too bossy, which made us proud.
#5. Bob ate toilet paper right off the roll, which made us wonder.
#4. Bob loved bacon, which made us love him even more.
#3. Bob ate every Barbie head from every Barbie that ever came into our house, which made us mad.
#2. Bob was part of our world for 13 years, 12 months and 20 days, which made us thankful.
And The #1 reason we'll never forget Bob is that he touched so many hearts and that will always make us grateful.

Goodnight, Mr. Bob. Sweet dreams...


margaret Johnston said...

A lovely tribute to a really sweet friend.

emmajohnstonwheeler said...

Bob was a member of the johnston-
wheeler family, and he will be missed
by many.-Emma

Miska said...

Bob was a truly wonderful Vizsla and I know how much he is loved and missed.

With tears . . .

Hannah said...

Some of us know how it feels to lose a member of your family. Its very hard especially the good byes. Hannah (who knew Bob very well)

Sylvia said...

Dear Hannah & Emma,

I am thinking about you at this very sad time as Bob was always in your life and with your mom and dad before you were born. He was and always will be a very special dog and special member of your family. I am crying right now. And I know that the owner of Bob's brother, Jester, is very sad about Bob too and she's giving Jester an extra hug for Bob.