Saturday, October 24, 2009

MOSAICWORKS.CA, how it all began...

My love of mosaics all began with a book and a man. Ok so it's not that simple. There was art school, working in advertising, working at a newspaper, working as a graphic designer, moving (three times), working as a freelance graphic designer, having babies (two times), writing and illustrating a children's book...
One day, while browsing through Chapters, I picked up a book, 'Mosaics' by Kaffe Fassett and Candace Bahouth. Kaffe Fassett's work is brilliantly rich in colour and over the top in detail. I would soon discover that he was 'The Mick Jagger' of the knitting, needle work, and mosaicing world. What I loved about his mosaic work, which I was immediately drawn to, was that he took an amazing ancient art form and put a very contemporary spin on it. I was inspired. My first mosaic was a small floral picture frame made from broken vintage china. That was it. I was hooked.
Although my work (seen above), is clearly very different from Kaffe Fassett's the basic principle of good design is present in both of our work (says me). And good design, like mosaics, will always transcend time.
Thank you Kaffe Fassett.
You and your many books have inspired me and led me to a passion that has now turned into a successful business that I love,


Anonymous said...

Not to forget that he challenged your sweater knitting and creating patterns earlier in your life which were very good. Fassett made one want to knit even if one had 'two left hands' ... fortunately you have two coordinated ones which your lovely mosaics attest to.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I opened your blog.
I do so enjoy your creative and beautiful patterns. They are a pleasure to see.
Joan W