Saturday, October 17, 2009

Why do I run?

This morning I ran 10k in The Toronto Oasis Zoo Run. That would be me just crossing the finish line. It was very cool in both the 'I wish I wore a hat and hey this is neat' sense. When you're amongst almost 2000 very fit people there is definitely an exciting, healthy energy in the air.
I can't say that I love running but I do love what it does for me. I find running very hard. The hardest part is getting my ass out the door each and every time I do it.
So why do I run? There are two reasons really. The first is that I love to eat. Enough said.
And the second is that I have to stay fit if I want to keep mosaicing. Let me explain. Hours can pass unnoticed when I'm deep in the creative zone. Hours of sitting in the same position, sometimes on the floor, sometimes awkwardly bent over a frame, putting hundreds of tiny tiles into place. When I get up from said position I'm a little stiff to say the least. So to deal with the stress that my body endures when 'in the zone' I have to workout. And Running works for me. It doesn't take a lot of time and it's a lot cheaper then joining a gym.
Now I'm going to have a well deserved piece of cake. By the way my official time was 59:43.6 (just under an hour). Not that I care that much - it's all about the cake for me.


Anonymous said...

The Zoo run was like being in the middle of an energy field. Even if you are just an observer one feels 'charged'.
it's good to know that you equate physical fitness with creative design. It helps to belie the myth of the 'suffering' artist as well as allowing you to eat cake.

emmajohnstonwheeler said...

wow, it seems that you have a very interesting life!

Hannah said...

I love your blog especially when you write your events that happen.
P.S The zoo run is hard.

Martha said...

You go girl! You make me want to get moving too.

Nosey Neighbour said...

Sigh, I can hardly keep up with you....looking forward to the HGTV episode tomorrow!