Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Watch for MOSAICWORKS on CityLine

I'm very excited to say that Mosaicworks (hopefully the 2 mirrors above) will be on CityLine next Wednesday!
I received an email from a CityLine producer last week asking to borrow one of my mirrors for their Moroccan themed, Valentines day show. Sandra Pittana, who is a contributing guest host on CityLine, was at The Interior Design Show and saw my gold bling mirror (it really is a show stopper).
Yestersay I dropped the 2 mirrors off at the studio and will pick them up this afternoon. The show was shot this morning and airs next Wednesday.
It's funny, along with being super excited about having my work shown on national television I'm also feeling a little...well, it's hard to explain...
I spend many, many hours making these mirrors and in a strange way they become a part of me. Sometimes I find it difficult to sell them, then reality sets in! Taking them down to the Citytv studio was like taking my babies out into the world for the first time. I know that my work is being exposed to a wider audience and that's a great opportunity but at the same time I want to keep them home where they'll be safe?
It sounds like a rather unhealthy attachment to some wood, tiles and beads (lol) doesn't it? What can I say? It is what it is.
The show airs on Citytv's CityLine Wednesday Feb.10th at 9:00am, 2:00pm and 5:00pm.


Anonymous said...

Oh, her! It's funny how you can watch someone for a long time and not retain his/her name. I like Sandra Pittana and now because of your blog I will remember her name. She has good taste. And your gold mirror is a "show stopper".
I'll be sure to watch City Line next Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

I am a big fan of yours, I will be watching CityLine on Wednesday.

Sylvia said...

Way to go Karen!

Tαmαrα said...

Congrats Karen! I understand the attachment you have to your work - it's a good sign though! If you weren't so connected to it, you probably wouldn't be achieving such outstandingly beautiful results. Only they are achieved through extensive work consisting of long hours. Congratulations again :)