Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Our Beautiful Ugly Lamps

One of our March Break outings involved a trip to Value Village. Yes, that's an outing in my world. Our mission: to find two large table lamps for Emma's room. I told the girls, before going into the store, that we probably wouldn't find exactly what we wanted but it was always worth a look. The minute we (I) spotted the ugly lamps I was giddy with excitement. I knew they were the ones. They were so ugly they were beautiful and they were only $7.99 each! All they needed was a little help from some friends and there we were ready and willing...the stars were aligned.


Anonymous said...

Wow, the lamps look great!

Lisa said...

My husband once bought a hanging lamp at the Re store you know I think they are from the 60's kind of spaghetti looking turquiose ball, anyways the guy at the counter when he got to the the lamp looked at my husband and said "This is so ugly I can't charge you for it!". So yes I do understand your giddy excited feeling. I just found your site via design sponge, love your work,very excited that you are Canadian. Do you spray paint your lamps and say your daughter's side tables yourself?

Karen J said...

Hi Lisa,
Little do 'they' know how something can be transformed with a little TLC.
I sprayed the lamps and painted (with a roller and brush) the side tables.