Monday, August 2, 2010

Marathon Man goes barefoot!

If you're wondering why I've posted a before and after picture of the inside of our front hall closet - let me explain.
The before picture was taken a couple of weeks ago - Marathon Man has a lot of running shoes (and there's more in the garage).
The after picture was taken today.The one pair left are mine. Where have all Marathon Man's shoes gone you ask? Well...lately he's been trying something new. He's been running barefoot!
It's all very interesting and I like what I read. But it doesn't mean that my running shoes will be disappearing from our closet anytime soon. I'll let him pave the unconventional path to being the best runner he can be.
His first 'barefoot' 10k is on Aug 28th, The Underwear Affair, where you're encouraged to run in your underwear for a good cause.
Underwear and barefoot! I know what you're thinking. But he's not crazy. Just really dedicated.
Stay tuned for The 'Marathon Man running barefoot in his skivvies' Post.


trainers shoes said...

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ChrisToronto said...

boxers or briefs?

Karen J said...

Chris, I laughed out loud!
It'll be boxers for sure and most likely ones that look like shorts.
Marathon Man isn't one to solicit attention (said the wife that's blogging about him).

Anonymous said...

Marathon man is on the 'cutting' edge ( pun intended) here of running barefoot but , bandages aside, I am curious what he will do in the winter time - our weather isn't the most accommodating.
Love your enthusiasm!

Anonymous said...

Go Marathon man!