Saturday, October 16, 2010

Running with the animals

This morning my sister and I ran 10k through The Toronto Zoo (The Oasis Zoo Run 2010). I started doing this run in 2007 and she started in 2008. It's become an annual event for us (I'm hoping we'll still be doing it into our 80's - not sure if she's aware of this?). I love this run and think it's one of the best 10ks in the city. It was a beautiful day, perfect for running. I usually know if it's going to be a 'good run' in the first 10 minutes out. If I don't get that 'oh shit, I don't think I trained enough' feeling then I'm good to go and I was! My time was a respectable 58:26:4. In our age group (women 45-49) I was 26th out of 121 and my sister was 9th out of 121. There were 2032 runners in total, 1311 females and 721 males. I was 323 out of the 1311 women and my sister was 132 (not bad for 2 gals pushing 50). To see more photos of this fabulous run go here.
Now it's time to eat cake!

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M said...

Not bad for "two gals" pushing any age. Anyone who runs a 10k has my respect. Way to go to both of you - you're good role models for your kids!