Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Loose Shag Mirror, black

For the last couple of months I've had a mirror hanging in our front hall that wasn't 'one of mine'. I was getting tired of answering no to the question that almost every visitor to our house would ask, "is that one of yours?".
I added 'put one of my mirrors in the front hall' to my list of things to do. Months later...
I just finished this 36" in diameter mirror. It's made with hand cut vitreous glass tiles that are put down in a (seemingly) random fashion resulting in a 'loose shag' appearance - thus the name. It's definitely one that needs to be touched.
I make it in a variety of colours and sizes.
P.S. The flowers are Oriental Lilies. Not only are they beautiful but their fragrance is intoxicating. Right now our front hall is a cornucopia for the senses!


M said...

The black loose shag mirror looks good in the 'hall of many changes' and there's a nice choice of other colours.

Sue said...

Looks great, I love it in black.