Friday, March 25, 2011

Again! with the front hall

Yes, our front hall has changed again...
A couple of weeks ago I noticed some brown spots on the white ottoman in our front hall (most likely the result of dirty winter boots being kicked off in an unstoppable mad frenzy?#@*!).
I remained calm. Dabbed with a wet cloth. Dabbed more. Things smeared. Started rubbing. Got panicky. Rubbed more. Grabbed The Prosolve (if it works on pet stains?...). Sprayed without thinking. Sprayed spot turned yellow! Panicked more. Got water! Tried diluting! Stopped and watched the yellow stain grow...finally walked away (admitting defeat). Maybe, I thought, just maybe when it dried somehow the now huge yellow stain would magically disappear and our lovely white ottoman would be lovely and white once again. Didn't happen.
The next day the stain was still there - bigger and 'yellower'. I tried to cover it up with a white throw (magazine-like). Didn't work. It just reminded me of what a mess I'd made!?#@*!?....And so, that's how the 'new look' for our front hall came to be.
The church pew was moved from the upstairs hall, the pine box was moved from the basement, waiting for it's moment, and the mirror is one of mine (Marathon Man has been calling it 'black beauty' which I have to admit seems rather appropriate).

Note to optimistic self: Continue to buy white furniture, regardless of the little people milling about.
Note to Margie: You can always move the vase over if you want to sit down.


M said...

With all that cursing (#&*&!#+^@!!) the prayer bench can also be used to calm one's frustrations. Your 'black beauty' mirror looks good.

Anonymous said...

Last month's exibit was traditionally polite.

Yesterday's exibit was contempory and nice.

The latest example is STUNNING, with a delicious edge....all your own. Take delight in the warm patina of the wood, the stoic sentinels and the sharp elegance of the mirror.

LOVE IT, Keep up the GREAT WORK!!

ChrisToronto said...

Decoratoritis, yup, you've got it.