Friday, March 4, 2011

Kitchen Counter Tops

For the last couple of weeks I've been busy checking out what's available in the world of kitchen counter tops. It's been sort of overwhelming. I've looked at granite and marble slabs, received corian samples in the mail and have even pondered staying with laminate. I had no idea there was such a crazy huge selection of the stuff! In the end I kept going back to Corian. Dupont's 'Which Hazel' is in their private collection. I liked the look and after getting my hands on a sample, the decision was made. The stuff is as smooth as...(you know the rest).
Now that we've chosen the material (Marathon Man liking it too was really the deciding factor) the next big decision needs to be ironed out - do we do the entire kitchen or just the island? Damn budget.
Note to Marathon Man: See Honey, your design opinions are never over looked - sometimes it just seems that way.


M said...

'Marathon Man Honey' might question with a smile his "design opinions are never overlooked" but I'm sure he's never disappointed in the outcomes.
More important than looks is what's the best counter top to work on.

Quin said...

Well, I understand the word "budget" but I'm inclined to think you'll not be happy with a "mix" of counter top designs.

I'm guessing the island would be about 25-30% of the total horizontal surface areas?

Karen J said...

Yes Quin, I'll be happy with a mix of counter tops (if that's the way it goes). But I'll be much happier with them all the same. And who doesn't love the happier me (lol)?

Karen said...

Your corian looks like marble. I have a granite island bur corian counter tops & they are WAY easier to keep clean than the granite. Great choice!

Karen J said...

Months later I'm still loving the corian Karen!