Monday, June 6, 2011

Vibram fivefingers follow up...

I've been running in my new Vibram fivefingers® for a little over a week now which pretty much makes me an expert;) So what do I have to say about them? They're great. I'm converted. I love my new Virbram fivefingers!
The best part is that I actually feel lighter on my feet (always a good thing when running) which makes sense because I am. And the second best part is that I never have to worry about finding a pair of running socks (always a mystery where they go?) again!
I'm officially joining Marathon Man in singing the praises of Vibram fivefingers. If you're really quiet you'll hear us:)


M said...

Okay ... how come they don't call them 'fivetoes'?
I'll take your word that they are good to run in. But are they washable? (Feet sweat and socks help to absorb and can be easily washed.)
And ... they still look funny.

Karen J said...

Yes M, they're washable and funny looking, although I wouldn't know about smelly feet;)
P.S. They're not just for running.