Friday, July 8, 2011

Our Kitchen Makeover...Project #4, The Backsplash

I haven't posted about our Kitchen Makeover in awhile. I'm happy to say that it's still moving right along.
We just finished Project #4, The Backsplash. This project was by far the quickest (2 days), the cheapest (under $200:) and the easiest (I do mosaics) of all the projects so far.
That's not to say that there wasn't any glitches...
I thought we could hand cut the tiles that needed to be cut, around the electrical etc, without a wet saw. WRONG!!! I do mosaics. What was I thinking!?! A quick trip to Home Depot's rental department and said glitch was fixed. But by the end of the day, when tired, cranky and hungry were setting in, there was another glitch. We were running dangerously low on tiles. Why? because so many were wasted trying to cut without a wet saw! It got a little tense but in the end it all worked out - with not one tile to spare.
So far everything is looking great. And I'm now seeing the light at the end of the makeover tunnel. A very shiny and very bright one!

P.S. As always, a big thanks to my Handy Man Dad who, very patiently, put up with my perfectionist ways, even when tired, cranky and hungry set in.

Project #1, Lighting
Project #2, The Island
Project #3, New counter tops (plus sink and faucet)
Project #4, The Back splash
Project #5, Painting The Cupboards - white


M said...

Looking good. Even with the tiredness, crankiness and hunger you and Handy Man Dad work well together and do good work so ... in the end I guess "your perfectionism" pays off.

Sue said...

Looks GREAT!