Friday, July 29, 2011

Our Kitchen Makeover...Project #5, Painting The Cupboards

This is what Our Kitchen looks like right now. I took off all the cupboard doors to be sprayed white (Benjamin Moore's cloud white). Very exciting. Apparently more for me than for Marathon Man. What is it with men and painting wood!?!
Hopefully everything will be back to normal, by next week, when the new puppy arrives. A puppy, right...our normal is about to morph into a new kind of normal:)


M said...

Perhaps it's men and any kind of change in their 'comfort zone'. Think of how they hold on to old worn sweat shirts .... .
Your step by step kitchen reno has gone well. It'll soon be done and then what???

Karen J said...

Hmmm...let's see...there's painting the stair risers, hardwood in the living and family rooms, deck in the backyard, interlocking in the front yard, changing up more lighting fixtures, finishing the basement...
And when it's all done we sell it and start all over again (lol)!!!