Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Goodbye 2011. We enjoyed you! You had your moments but overall you were a good year.
We did Disney in January and took on New York City in July (the week of the heatwave!!!). Mosaicworks kept making stuff and Marathon Man kept running. We said a sad goodbye to our second Vizsla Rita and a happy hello to our third Vizsla William. We renovated our Kitchen and bought a new car ("Das Auto"). We all got a little older (and some got a little taller). Hopefully we all got a little wiser...
And now we're ready for 2012!


M said...

As we say ... "bring it on!" :) and hopefully 2012 will be filled with happy and positive challenges.
Happy New Year to you and yours.

Sue said...

Happy New Year!!