Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My part in our global economy.

These are the supplies gathered for a new Pencil Mirror that I'm working on (part of my School House Series). It's my ode to The USA and our global economy. It should be finished next week. Been busy this week working on getting Lady Kate house broken - which is going really well by the way - she's very smart!
Why do the pencils say ASSEMBLED IN CANADA? If they said MADE IN CANADA that wouldn't be entirely true. Nowadays very few things are made (entirely) where they say they're made.
The American flag inspired pencils are made in China. The red and blue vitreous glass tiles are made in Mexico. And the glass seed beads and chained rhinestones are made in The Czech Republic.
When all of these elements are assembled (in Canada) they will become a Canadian designed mosaicworks mirror. My part in our global economy.


M said...

Looks interesting. Might it lead to 'mirrors of the world'?

Bren said...

You are amazing - I love reading your blog