Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Stars and Stripes Pencil Mirror

If I had more patience I'd have waited for the 4th of July to share this new mirror. One would think with all the mosaicing going on that I would (have lots of patience), I don't.
The Stars and Stripes Pencil Mirror is 40.25" in diameter and weighs 30lbs. It's made with hand cut red and blue vitreous glass tiles, red and blue glass seed beads, chain rhinestone and 231 stars and stripes pencils that read ASSEMBLED IN CANADA. It's my ode to our neighbours to the South and our global economy.
American flag pillows - ebay


M said...

It makes one want to stand and sing 'The Star Spangled Banner' -- hand across the heart.
The pencil mirrors have become an interesting series.

Bren said...

Peter says; This has won you an Honorary Green Card. Beautiful work!