Sunday, July 22, 2012

A family affair

Sue and Emma running the 1/4 marathon.

Yesterday was The Durham 1/4 (10.549km) and 1/8 (5.27km) Marathon. And we were there, for our 4th year. When I say we I mean my sister and her son and me and my girls - a running family affair.
It was Emma's first 10k+ and Hannah's first 5k+:)
It was a perfect day for running. None of that heatwave stuff that we've had lately but that didn't mean that the fire fighters monster water hose wasn't welcomed:)
Looking forward to next year!


M said...

Healthy, fun, inspiring! That's what family is all about.
Love the pictures. And it was for a good cause as well - to help kids and street youths (?).
Well done 'family' :)

Sue said...

It was a great run! Way to go Emma, Hannah, Jesse and Ryan (who ran his first 1k)