Thursday, April 4, 2013

Big Change, Big Impact

We purchased our house in 2006. Since then we've been slowly making it our own, one project at a time. Our latest project has been in the queue for a long time. We had our big box builder's sliding doors replaced with lovely black garden doors and we couldn't be happier with the results.
It was definitely not a DIY. They came, they installed, they left:) The best kind of job, if only they could all be that easy.

After the After...a couple of days later I painted the trim around the doors black:)
So happy with the new doors!


Anonymous said...

Love that! I have similar French Doors with wide frames but mine are painted white. Seeing your before I realize the white isn't doing me any favors. And I have a black / white scheme in the dining area anyway. Now I just have to choose a shade of black, there are so many :)

Karen J said...

Hi Robin,
Yes there are so many blacks and whites! Hard to believe they can be harder to pick then a colour.
I plan on painting the surrounding trim black to add a little more punch.

Sue said...

Looks great!!

M said...

Looks really good - even better in person. It creates a nice definition of space but is still part of the whole.

Ramona JapaneseRedneck said...

Great changes. You have a fantastic eye!