Monday, April 15, 2013

Making The Queen of Hearts

As I said in the last post The Queen of Hearts with the Mona Lisa Smile took 7 months to complete (working on and off in between various other projects). Although the process was long it was actually very simple. Here is a breakdown.
I began with a primed 4'X6' piece of plywood. It's sturdy which means no warping. From there I painted my layout/design (the plan). My colour scheme and the various elements used were all decided on before anything was laid down. Without an organized plan things can get out of control (ugly), real fast.

Then the fun began. I used the direct method which is laying tesserae right onto the surface.
The challenge, as always, was having all the elements work nicely together.
There was a lot of cutting, a lot of putting down and taking up and a lot more cutting.

As with most mosaics, the photos don't do it justice. At nighttime, with the light from the paper clip chandelier, she glitters on the wall.


M said...

This is a good lesson about planning and organizing being an integral part of creative work.Your beautiful results attest to that.
And you are right, it's impressive to see in person.

Ramona JapaneseRedneck said...

Oh my, you are most talented. I love this.

I wish I had your creativity.

lesley said...

wow! this is stunning, i thought this was painted when i saw it on the first image.. how long would this take you to complete? i came via pinterest as pretty handy girl just pinned a couple of your fantastic colorwheel mirrors.. they are beautiful!

Erin said...

I love this! It's absolutely stunning.

Karen J said...

Thanks Erin!

Karen J said...

It took about 7 months. She is my biggest piece to date.