Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Deck Love

It wasn't until the end of last summer that we finished our deck so unfortunately it didn't get the use it deserved. We're off to a good start this summer. The planters are loaded with flowers and herbs (out of reach from, we'll eat anything, William and Kate) and the fabulous flexfence shutters are doing what they do best - giving us lots of privacy (when needed). It's our own little NYC rooftop oasis (someone said that at dinner last night:)

Hard to believe it used to look like this.


M said...

Does the cozy little deck 'oasis' accommodate a couple of more at your table for a nice crispy summer herbal salad ? :-)

maria smith said...

I LOVE that deck! It's so nice to carve out a retreat for your family! The flower beds are beautiful. I love how outdoor living and green cleaning, and a green lifestyle in general, go so well together.