Sunday, July 28, 2013

Running with a Kenyan

Yesterday our Emma ran The Durham 1/4 Marathon (10.549km) while Hannah and I ran the 1/8 Marathon (5.275km). It was a family affair with Marathon Man taking the photos (which explains the shot of the Kenyan runner).
Maiko Momanyi Evans ran The 1/4 Marathon with a time of 32:54 (that's a 3:08 km pace!). He came first out of 378 runners.
Emma ran The 1/4 Marathon with a time of 49:20 (a 4:41 km pace:) She came 46th out of 378 runners (and 9th out of 210 in her gender). On top of having a great run Emma can now say that she ran with a Kenyan... technically we all ran with a Kenyan - just not at the same time:)
Thanks again for joining us Jesse and Sue - looking forward to the next run.


Miska, Tyro & Diva said...

Emma, that's very impressive!!

Sue said...

Another fun run. Way to go Emma you smoked me! look out Marathon Man.

M said...

What a nice (and healthy) family story. Congratulations to all.