Monday, August 12, 2013

Got lemons, make lemonade

Who knew I'd be posting about our guest room again so soon. My After has become a Before in record time! We had a large, unfortunate, water spill in this room (that would be the lemon part) which led to a huge piece of the carpet being pulled up, which led to pulling all the carpet up, which led to putting hardwood down (the lemonade:)...I love hardwood.
Now it's time to go pillow shopping (sweeter lemonade;) to give the room a new punch of colour.


maria smith said...

The hardwood floor is spectacular! Definitely a "win!" You must have an amazing housekeeping service, or be fabulous at it yourself, to have so much white in your home! Good job!

M said...

Not only do they look good but I think hardwood and laminate floors are easier to keep clean.