Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Inspired by Red Sarees

For the last couple of weeks I've been working on a red version of The Blue Saree Mirror. This is it's sample board. I'm almost done. Just need to cut a few more tiles and order the mirror. When I get this close to finishing any project my mind is already onto the next one...I have some orange trim, in my studio, calling out to me:)
Inspiration; radiant red bridal sarees
Stayed tuned for photos of The Red Saree Mirror.


M said...

What can one say but "WOW".

Hetal said...

It is absolutely stunning! Can you please provide a tutorial?

Karen J said...

Thanks Hetal,
I think this one needs a sit down, hand-on class:)

Hetal said...

I am interested in mosaic but I am in Chicago. Can you please provide the basics on where and how to get started, where can I buy the supplies from, etc? Where are your classes held?

Karen J said...

Hi Hetal,
You are very lucky to be living in Chicago because you have The Chicago Mosaic School there.
Good luck:)
P.S. I don't teach now but maybe someday I will?