Monday, January 6, 2014

Getting ready for IDS14

I've been busy getting ready for The Interior Design Show 2014.

Hopefully you'll come and see us. When I say 'us' I mean Me and The Queen of Hearts with The Mona Lisa Smile. She is my big feature this year. Our booth, SN16, is in Studio North.

IDS14 will mark the 12th anniversary of Studio North. Exclusive to IDS, this show-within-a-show was originally introduced to support Canada’s vibrant and independent design scene, featuring ateliers and design-makers from coast to coast. The showcase features 60 Canadian and international designers exhibiting one-off and custom collections of furniture, lighting, glass, ceramics, textiles and surface design in a gallery-like installation. Studio North has evolved into one of the most anticipated annual exhibits of CanCon design for design industry, media and a discerning design audience.
Below; my booth from IDS10 (the last time I participated in The IDS)


M and B said...

We'll be there ... first in line :)

Second in line. said...

I'm very excited for you and the Queen, I know you will be a big hit. See you there!

Karen J said...

Thanks SIL!
Here's to hoping we'll be a hit:)