Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Life of A Daybed

In 2000 we bought a day bed for Emma. At the time she was climbing out of her crib which meant she was ready for 'a big girl bed'. It was purchased at Sears and was originally a cream colour. I painted it lot's of fun bright colours to match Emma's fun crazy coloured kids room. What I really liked about this bed was that it had a trundle (2 beds in 1 really).
By 2005 we'd moved to another Province and Emma's day bed became Hannah's new bed. It was painted white to match Hannah's purple and white coloured room.
By 2011 we'd moved to another city (same province) and Hannah's bed stayed white but we took the rod iron swirl work off the back and sides as the little (kind of sharp) maple leafs kept catching on her pajamas:(
Last week I filled in the back and sides of the bed with tongue and groove pine, added some big wood beads (because I had lot's of them in my studio waiting to be useful) and repainted it white.
Then it was moved from Hannah's room to the guest room. Where it will most likely live out it's life, unless Emma would like to take it with her when she moves into her first apartment? The circle of life:)
Hannah, by the way, was very happy to switch up this bed for the guest room's queen size bed - the ultimate 'big girl bed'.
And this is William and Kate (our other kids), in the guest bedroom, right before I yelled at them to get off the just made new/old day bed!
...and they took it to the floor:)

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M said...

Love 'the metamorphosis' of a trundle bed, and kids. The bed and rooms look great and a good lesson in 'how to'... .