Tuesday, July 15, 2014

This is 50.

Yesterday I was 49. Today I'm 50. I didn't think twice about 30 and wasn't bothered by 40 but 50 has had me thinking a bit? I know that nothing has changed since yesterday but of late I've been noticing some small/big changes...I see more grey where I used to see only black and white (nothing is that simple) and I let more go where I used to hold on (don't sweat the small things). That's about it.
When I told people that I was turning 50 this year I got a lot of "You're going to be 50?! You don't look 50, You look good for your age"... I was never really sure how to respond? Usually I just smiled and said thank you. Starting today I'm going to respond with Gloria Steinem's quote, "This is what 50 looks like."
Today I'm 50. Tomorrow I'll be 50.364. This is 50.


M said...

Wishing you a very happy 50th birthday ... I think the years ahead will only get better because as you point out they come with a little more wisdom and understanding.

Bren said...


Happy 50th Kar! Black,white,grey...all's great! The best will keep coming!

Sue said...

Happy Birthday Karen
Live, Love and LAUGH