Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sun.Sept.7@ Artscape Youngplace

Last Sunday was a beautiful day and perfect for an outdoor community celebration.
Mosaicworks was, one of many participants, at 180 Shaw Street celebrating Artscape Youngplace's Shaw Street School's 100th anniversary.
We loved being a part of the many cool activities going on and enjoyed sharing our passion for mosaics with those who stopped by to make a mosaic apple and/or mini chalk board.
Being photographed with the bull dogs at the Wild Little Hearts photo booth was definitely a must.


M said...

Nice day. Enjoyed being there and seeing how differently the young kids approached their 'mosaic' art - one slaps on the glue and the tiles and another cuts and glues each piece, carefully placing it on the apple frame but all proud of their masterpieces.
Maybe the kids should be teaching the adults ... .

Helen Miles said...

Sounds like a great day. I LOVED the picture of you and the bull dogs!