Friday, February 20, 2015

Just keep on walking...

On February 6th I had my second surgery. Although they call it a lumpectomy it's not always a 'lump' that is removed. In my case, it was a general area that was dealt with. It wasn't a big deal, another day surgery which meant that I was in and out on the same day and good to go by the next.
Yesterday I had that surgery's follow up appointment to discuss what the pathologist had to say about the tissue that was removed. The answer: there seems to be some 'calcifications' still lingered? (stubborn little f@*kers) so it's hard to say if they got it all?
With that said I'm now waiting for an appointment with my Radiologist Oncologist (yes I now have one of those) to discuss whether I'll need a MRI (made a mental note to google all about those when I got home:), have another mammogram and/or maybe even have a third surgery before starting the radiation treatments?
If I sound rather calm about the prospect of having another surgery it's because I am. For now, for me, 3 or 4 surgeries vs. a mastectomy makes the most sense and is an easy choice to make.
In the mean time I'm just going to keep on walking...what else am I going to do?


Sue said...

I like that saying, "Just keep on walking"

M said...

The road is a good metaphor for life, with an idyllic picture to match a positive outlook.

Pam @ Frippery said...

Just keep walking and soon this will all be behind you. I had DCIS in 13 and radiation. They found it because I was having surgery for Paget's disease which is a rare form of skin cancer of the nipple. Needless to say I was lucky. I take tamoxifen for a few more years and done. I was diagnosed with kidney cancer in December 14 (not related to the breast cancer so do not worry, just my dumb luck). Found it through a CT scan they did because the tamoxifen raised my liver enzymes. Early stage. I had surgery in January and began a new full time job 2 weeks later. No other treatments. Lucky again. So moving forward is the best and only path. You will be fine and it will be just a small memory of a rough patch in an otherwise pretty great life. There all all kinds of luck in this world and we joke around here that I am one of the luckiest girls alive.
Know I will be thinking of you and praying each day for a smooth recovery.

Dustin Johnston-Jewell said...

lots of love.

you got this.