Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Baffin Island

Last week Marathon Man was in Baffin Island, on a business trip. He came back saying that it was an unbelievable experience - a stunning trip that he never would have taken if it wasn't for work. He was in a whole different world where beware of Polar Bear signs are normal and a case of pop (12 cans) is $66! It was cold and stark yet breathtakingly beautiful. And if he had a bucket list (he's not a bucket list kind of guy) he could now scratch touched an iceberg off:)
I wanted to share some of his photos.
The above left photo is dogs out on the ice, there to warn off Polar Bears.
The photo below is two icebergs. It reminded me of a Lauren Harris painting
Below, Baffin Island by Lauren Harris, 1930 (of The Group of Seven)


Dustin Johnston-Jewell said...

ooooo ahhhh

soooo coooool.

M said...

Great photos M.M. Beautiful scenery of a 'very different world' - a great experience and opportunity to add to your understanding and diversity of our country.

ryan said...

omg you went to the same place as Lauren Harris

Sue said...

What a great experience.
beautiful pics.