Monday, June 1, 2015

The Owl Project, Part 3, self-publishing

With my owl panels photographed I'm now onto part 3 of The Owl Project; a self-published children's book, Six Owls and A Party, using Blurb.
This isn't the first time I've used Blurb. A few years ago I put two books together,  (Christmas gifts); Simply William, a book of Will and William and Kate, a love story.
Why self publish?
14 years ago my first children's book, Mr. Bob's Magic Ride in the Skywas published by Whitecap Books. It was put together by their graphic designer without any input from me. The Art Director in me had a difficult time with that and the finished product was, unfortunately, not what I'd envisioned. The bottom line was that I didn't have full creative control - something, I believe, all artists want.
With Six Owls and A Party self-publishing was the only way to go. I wrote it (and rewrote it), illustrated it (mosaicked it), chose the font, the font size, layed it out (relayed it out)... you get the picture - full creative control:) My labour of love.
Why Blurb?
Blurb's BookWright has so many user friendly features that putting a book together with it is very easy.

This week my second proof should be arriving in the mail, then I'll be moving onto the next step; getting Six Owls and A Party out and into the world.


Michelle Knight said...

Stunning mosaic! Beautiful!

Karen J said...

Thanks Michelle.
Hopefully the book has you feeling the same way:)
Stay tuned...

M said...

What a wonderful example of 'one step/stage at a time ... each complete in itself. From a beautiful mosaic art piece comes a fun book for children. I look forward to having a signed copy :)

Sue said...

The mosaic is beautiful and the owls put a smile on my face. A must read!!

Karen J said...

A must read!! You made me smile:)