Tuesday, April 5, 2016

New work, in progress

I've been working on a new piece with material that I've never used before - stained glass:)
The upside to working with stained glass is that it comes in so many beautiful/stunning colours plus it's very easy to cut and grind.
The down side to working with stained glass (actually there is no down side) the problem is that I've been cutting such small pieces - when I grind them I have to get really close to the grinder, resulting in some pretty messed up fingers and nails:(
For the love of mosaics I'm soldiering on (lol)...
P.S. Katie is officially my Muse:)


Sue said...


M said...

You've captured your 'dog' model's soulful eyes - she sees all.
I guess we'll cancel the 'hand model' shoot ... :).