Wednesday, May 4, 2016

One Crazy Before and After!

A while ago Hannah wanted to change her bedroom up - something I'm always game for.
The first thing she wanted to do was take the wallpaper down. Ugh! I said. That's such a big job! I said. How about we paint the wallpaper instead! I said...
Months (many, many months) later my brilliant idea(?), which was a huge job, is finished! All due to the diligent work of Hannah:)
It was the craziest before and after we've (she's) ever done!!!
Oh yeah, and we painted the bed too but that only took a couple of days.
Happy Birthday Sunshine!


M said...

Well done Hannah! Looks great, and again, the moral of the story is hang in there... probably the most important rule for success.

Sue said...

Looks Great!!