Thursday, July 14, 2016

Author Visits♡

In February I had a table at The Reading for the Love of It Conference. After which I contacted (emailed) many of the Teachers and Librarians that I met with the hope of setting up Author Visits showcasing my Magic of Mosaics presentation, at their schools. I really had no idea if any of them would be interested in what I had to offer...
Since then I've visited 13 schools in the GTA and the feedback from the teachers and kids has been wonderful! Apparently I have something to offer:)
At the end of the summer I'll be sending out a new wave of emails which will hopefully lead to more invites and more visits, which means more sharing of the Magic of Mosaics.

This very big thank you card came to me thru snail mail. It made my day.

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M said...

Love the letter from the kids. The art program you offer them is so good ... it offers multi interactive learning. Not only are they involved in reading, about writing a book, learning about an art form, and doing some art, they are given the message that 'you can do this'. Perhaps that is the best gift of teaching and learning.