Thursday, August 11, 2016

Road Trip, Eastern Canada♡

10 days of driving through Quebec (Old Quebec City), New Brunswick (St.Andrews) and Nova Scotia (Sidney, Cape Breton Highlands, Halifax, Mahone Bay and Lunenburg).
Feeling some Canadian pride - Eastern Canada is incredibly beautiful, especially Cape Breton!
16 years later. When we lived in Halifax I used to take Emma to this beach:)


M said...

Aside from a 'memory lane' trip it's a great travel-logue for the Maritimes. Beautiful scenery.

jlm said...

Glad you got a chance to cross the causeway! We love CB too.
Lovely pictures, especially the before and now picture of Emma.

Karen J said...

jlm - hard to believe that we lived in NS for 5.5 years and never ventured to CB! What were we thinking?!!