Sunday, October 2, 2016

The Big Closet Makeover

I've been wanting to tackle 'my closet project' for a while now but kept putting it off. It seemed like such an overwhelmingly big, scary job! Three weeks ago, for some reason(?), I decided to take it on. After tearing up the carpet and removing the trim there was no turning back.
"I can do this" was my mantra.

Putting down the hardware (my first time) was the most intimating part of the project.
I used a mitre saw (which I had) to cut the hardwood and took my time - measuring 4 times! and cutting once:). The last couple of pieces needed to be ripped with a table saw (which I didn't have). The borrowed table saw that I used did the trick and it came with a bonus perk - I discovered that with a mitre saw + a table saw the 'building stuff' possibilities were endless. It was a game changer!
"I can really do this"... 
I put up a mirror that was removed from a bathroom years ago and trimmed it up, built two built-ins and trimmed them up, took the old trim and glued them to mdf boards (1x5x8) making for much nicer (bulkier) trim. It was all about the trim.

START                                                                                 FINISH
I learned a lot but also realized that I have a lot to learn. "I did this"... 

There are two closets in this bedroom so I'm now on to the next one which will mirror this one.
The Blue Bedroom (yikes!) will need to be brought up to speed with it's white, trimmed up, hardwood floor clad closets. 
The good news is that it doesn't seem like such an overwhelmingly big, scary job anymore:)
My new mantra (which I use when mosaicking) - "It will get finished - one piece at a time"...


M said...

I'm impressed by the work you've done ... and the 'one step-at-a-time' or its variation is a good mantra in more ways than just knowing a job will get done. It can be a means of survival, so a good philosophy to live by.

sue said...

It looks great!!