Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Enjoying LONNY magazine

There's a new magazine out called Lonny (London + New York) but there's a twist - it's all online. Actually it's not really new - just new to me. The blogging world has been on it since the first issue debuted in October. Lonny is the brain-child of Michelle Adams, a designer and blogger (Ruby Green and MA Belle ), and her friend and photographer Patrick Cline.
It's nicely laid out and full of beautifully photographed interiors (one of my favourite things). Interiors that I often look at and imagine one of my mirrors in (making them even more beautiful of course).
Lonny will definitely be a good inspirational source for me and I look forward to the next issue. Just wish my computer was a little faster (Santa?).

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Anonymous said...

Some beautiful 'stuff' but I like looking at a magazine on my lap. I think I'm probably showing an age gap.