Friday, December 18, 2009

Let The Client Gallery begin...

My friend and blogger extraordinaire, Chris Jones (styleNorth and Live with Culture), suggested that I ask my customers to take photos of their rooms once they've hung their new mosaicworks purchase. That way he said, "you can see where your hard work ends up and it would be fab to see a gallery of shots like that on your website".
So here are the first photos for the gallery. All the way from Cochrane Alberta!
Thank you Paula, for taking the time to take and send me your photos. Your dining room looks lovely.
And thank you Chris for this great idea.
It'll be fun to watch the gallery grow.


Anonymous said...

The mirror looks really good in Paula's dining room and goes great with her chandelier. Very classy.
I too have a space where a Mosaicworks mirror would fit very nicely.
Someday ... .

ChrisToronto said...

Ravishing! Did I really suggest this? Thanks for the nod, Karen.
The mirror is stunning! Is Paula's middle name Goldilocks? Because she did an exemplary job hanging it -- not too high, not too low.