Sunday, December 20, 2009

My latest work

I thought I'd post one of my newest designs. The White Shag Mirror will debut at the 2010 Interior Design show.
It's 28.5"x28.5" and made with hand cut vitreous glass tiles, seed beads and crystal rhinestones. The shag effect was created by standing the cut tiles 'upright' like little soldiers (thousands of little soldiers). Yes labour intensive but in the end worth the work. Perhaps that should be my new motto (lol)?
The lovely photograph was taken by my father, (retired) commercial photographer, Barry Johnston. He thinks he's retired but I think differently as I'm always putting him to work.
Since starting mosaicworks in 2005 I've come to realize just how important it is to have your work professionally photographed. I feel very lucky that I have access to a photographer pretty much 24/7 and even luckier that he's so good.
Thanks Dad.

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Anonymous said...

You are lucky to have Barry Johnston extraordinaire as your personal photographer not to mention a father who thinks your work is beautiful and creative.