Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bob's Urn Makeover

Yes that's what it says, "Urn Makeover". When our beloved dog, Bob, passed away this August we were a mess. When his ashes came home, 5 days after saying our final goodbyes, we felt a little better, especially me. It felt right. Bob was home again.
There was just one problem. I wasn't happy with the ceramic urn that he was in. So after a short family discussion, where I aggressively pleaded my case, I was given permission to rectify the 'problem'.
First the ribbon and paw thing had to go. I primed and painted with a high gloss white enamel and then covered the lid (which was glued shut?) with 31 white, handmade (by me) porcelain roses.
Everyone agreed, including the skeptics, that this makeover was a big success! What makes me really happy is that our boy Bob is home and in an urn that is beautiful and elegant - worthy of the dog that he was.
For now his urn is in our living room, close to the fireplace. A spot fondly remembered as one of his favourites.


Anonymous said...

Bob's urn is beautiful and tasteful. I would like you to design mine when my time comes.

Karen said...

Thanks Mom.

carol said...

Finally figured out how to leave a message.
so let me say publically how imppressed I am with your work and want to wish you a terrific 2010 both professionally & personally!!