Thursday, January 28, 2010

What inspires...

My Gold 'Bling' Mirror (top/right) debuted at IDS10 last weekend with rave reviews. A lot of people that made their way through Studio North and to my booth asked the same question - where do you get your ideas from?
The answer is simple. I don't know. They just come.
I was in Home Depot one day buying some nuts and bolts when suddenly it dawned on me how shiny and pretty they were, like jewellery. And so the Silver 'Bling' Mirror (top/left) was born.
What I do know is that most ideas are inspired by the simple things that surround us, sometimes without us even knowing that they're doing just that. Case in point my gold heels (above). Inspirational? How could they not be!?!

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Anonymous said...

Are the shoes for sale? - a piece of art.
You are right it changes the way you see the world but inspiration and talent are not always concomitants.