Monday, January 25, 2010

IDS10. A good show.

It's over and I'm tired. Why? Because I've been talking for 4 days straight! An exhausting task even for a self proclaimed chatmeister like myself. Tired aside I'm very happy with the wonderful response to my work and even happier that I sold some of it.
It's funny, at 6:00pm on Sunday night (shut down time) I was thinking that I wouldn't do the show again next year, then at 8:00pm (long drive home time) I was redesigning next years booth in my head?!!?!


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the show and seeing you there. Your mirrors are works of Art, a pleasure to look into ( yes, I checked my appearance) and at.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen, Loved the show, Loved your mirrors. It was fun to get out and see all that talent at IDS10, your booth was my favourite of course.

Sylvia said...

Glad to hear the show went well & was successful for you! You are always in my thoughts.