Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A new edition to The Client Gallery

(#3) 'The Client Gallery' showcases mosaicworks mirrors and the spaces that they end up in...
On Sunday night we all watched Alexandre Bilodeau win the gold medal in the men's moguls. It was thrilling. Being a parent now, all I kept thinking about was how his parents must be so proud of him.
The latest gallery shot is from my parent's home.
Throughout my life my parents have given their unconditional love and endless support to anything and everything that I've ever done - like I'm sure Bilodeaus' parents gave to him. Although I've never won an Olympic medal sometimes I think they think I have and that means so much to me - just as much to me now at 45 as it did at 5 and 12 and 27 and 34 and...
Being a parent now, I get it! and I'm so thankful that I got it because now I give it to my two gold medal contenders.
Thank you, again, Mom and Dad. The Silver Bling looks lovely in your space.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Karen.
Both for the warm sentiments and your beautiful mirror.
I hadn't noticed the intricate details before nor really understood the hours and hours that must have gone into your creation until it was hung in our home. Close up or from afar it gives me pleasure when I look at our "jewelry on the wall" (to quote another of your admirers).