Sunday, February 21, 2010

A new edition to The Client Gallery

(#4) 'The Client Gallery' showcases mosaicworks mirrors and the spaces that they end up in...
I made Aldo's mirror in December 2008. A little over a year later it was in The National Post. And here it is at home in its cool Toronto condo.
As I've mentioned before, I spend long hours on my mirrors and sometimes they're difficult to part with. What I'm finding as my business grows is that all of my clients have been as passionate about owning one of my mirrors as I am about making them, which makes parting with them a lot easier.
Thank you Aldo, you were a dream client. And I'm seriously considering your idea of cloning myself as I get busier but things could get ugly if Karen#1 doesn't like how Karen#2 does things!?!


Anonymous said...

Then again, # 1 might enjoy having # 2 to talk to. I imagine the life of an artist can be lonely sometimes.
Aldo's 'space' looks inviting.

residential interior design in toronto said...

Amazing work, you can make a small pad look magnificent with your wonderful pieces.