Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Let's try this 'After the After'

Clearly the changes that I made to my dining room weren't cutting it. I had to do what I'm now calling an 'After the After'.
It would be an easy fix! (she said in a state of panic).
I took the gallery montage down (you were right Mom, it was too heavy looking), filled the nail holes, painted the wall again, painted the little black Ikea chairs grey, painted the black credenza white, bought some new lamps (always the fun part) and started making a 36" gray shag mirror (which will be stunning). In the interim I've put one of my white ones up.
Like I said, an easy fix (lol). I feel much better now that things are moving in the right direction. Now I can relax and dream about the new chairs and the hardwood floors.


Just Beachy said...

I love your mirrors of course , but I must say I think the montage was sheer perfection ...

Anonymous said...

Can we call this the metamorphic dining room. It keeps us guessing. A diner might have difficulty deciding what outfit to wear if they didn't read your blogs.