Thursday, May 20, 2010

Emma's new 'perfect for her room' lamps

Because I've been doing a lot of switching up lately - mirrors moving from one room to another (a regular occurrence), table lamps trading places...the inevitable occurred. Emma's room was left in need of new lamps. Which of course called for a trip to Value Village.
The minute I spied these big, gaudy babies I knew they were the ones! The size, the colour, the glass. They were perfect for Emma's room, only $14.99 each and a better fit then her old ones (which are now working wonderfully in Hannah's room).
There really wasn't much to do. I painted the base and stem gold and found the glam, damask shades at HomeSense ($19.99 each). The best part, which I discovered later, is that these lamps are wired to fit 2 bulbs and they have 3 different settings. The first turn of the switch turns a small bulb on that's inside the glass globe. The second turn of the switch turns the top bulb on and the third turn of the switch turns both bulbs on. Very cool. Who's your Mamma Emma?!!

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I'm waiting for "best" or will that never happen - a forever ongoing creative process?