Sunday, May 23, 2010

Marathon Man does WIN!

This morning Marathon Man ran The Whitby International North Marathon - WIN. This year was it's first year. All very exciting for the Durham region.
Marathoners are an interesting bunch. They're determined, disciplined, focused and somewhat crazy. Obviously that's what it takes to get the job, of running 26.2 miles, done.
I've been a spectator at many marathons and what I'm always in awe of is how every athlete, regardless of their level, is able to push themselves to their limit and sometimes beyond. It's always during the last leg of the race that their bodies and minds are put to the test.

"The Wall is a legendary thing. Usually encountered around mile 20, it's the point where the flesh weakens, the spirit sags and the will drains away into a little puddle on the ground. Legs turn to melting Jell-O and breath comes in short, gasping gulps. In all of sports, there is probably nothing as feared, or misunderstood, as this inner barrier where the unprepared run out of steam and can go no further."

Michael Bane, Men's Fitness April, 1999

Watching this part of a marathon can be a very emotional experience. For me every runner becomes My Marathon Man.
When I first saw Marathon Man come around the corner I felt the tears welling up as I said to the girls here comes Daddy. I busied myself with my camera and tried to squeak out a few words of encouragement. As he ran past us he was injected with a fresh, much needed, shot of adrenaline (so I was told later), en route to the coveted finish line.
Note to Marathon Man: Congratulations on finishing your 9th marathon. We're all in awe of you!


Anonymous said...

YEA, Marathon Man! You're an inspiration to make us move even if we just get up to turn the TV off.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Marathon Man! Love your drive and dedication. You inspire me!!