Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Inspired by Blue

I just finished this mirror last weekend and had it photographed yesterday. Such a lovely shot. Thanks again Dad, my amazing (always available, thinks he's retired) photographer.
Photography: Barry Johnston


Anonymous said...

Nice shot. Your mirrors are a piece of art.

Anonymous said...

Such an exquisite blue .. your photo makes me want the whole setup in my bedroom. Beautiful work. Mary.

Brett Walther said...

Hello dear!
Just had to drop by to let you know that I spotted two of your mirrors at the official launch party for 1212 Decor tonight... I'm THRILLED that you're in amongst such a beautifully curated collection.
Hope you're well!

Karen said...

Yes, 1212 is the perfect 'temporary home' for them.
Thanks Brett.
FYI - I'm tuning into CityLine a lot more then I used to!

Blue Velvet Chair said...

Hi Karen - I've now gone deeper into your archives. I'm just curious, about how long does it take you to finish a mirror. I know you work on multiple ones at a time, but would love to know more. And do you make your own frames? And have the mirrors cut? And where do you source your vitreous tiles? I'm looking for a creative outlet for my love of mosaics, but here in Sweden it is quite hard to find supplies.

Karen J said...

Hi Michael,
How long do they take? Always the magic question! I do alot of one offs so it's hard to say. It depends on the project size and how much cutting is involved. My usually answer is - a long time. Which I know isn't really a good answer:)?
Yes, I get my frames made. I like to start with a good, strong base that I know will hold any weight - they're always 3/4" thick.
The mirrors are cut to size and dropped onto a routered edge at the very end.
I get most of my supplies from
Hope that helps?