Friday, June 4, 2010

Looking good at 13!

Our girl Rita had a lump removed from her left eye today. It was a nasty looking growth that had become so big it was interfering with her vision. She went in for the surgery at 8:00am. The Vet called around 1:30pm asking if we could pick her up early. She was doing great but was being VERY vocal about not wanting to be there - that's our girl!
We're happy because there's no bucket head (yeah), only 4 stitches and she's home. Rita's happy because she's home. Right now she's in her usual spot, snoring. All is well.
Special thanks to Dr. Newhouse at The Taunton Road Animal Hospital.
The first photo was taken today. Poor thing, right after surgery I had a camera in her face.
The second photo was taken at the cottage, age 9, owning a chair like only Rita can.


Anonymous said...

Still looking good, Rita was a very impressive dog in her prime, as your pictures show.
Don't you love doctors who are good stitchers?

Just Beachy said...

They are great there , you could have stopped by I live right across the street from the animal hospital , glad you girl is doing well.