Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bigger is better!

I love big art and big mirrors. They make such grand design statements in a room and inevitably add that, always desirable, 'wow' factor. The bigger the better. I'm thinking that I need some more big stuff in my house!?!...
So that's the plan.
Photo 1: Our Girl Rita (photo by me). Photo 2: Drake Design Associates. Photo 3: Champagne.chic. Photo 4: Frederik Vercruysse via desiretoinspire. Photo 5: Judith Miller Inc. via desiretoinspire. Photo 6:


Anonymous said...

It certainly questions the thinking that to make an area look bigger you go small with accessories. The 'big art/mirrors' do have a wow factor and doesn't 'diminish' the rooms - an optical illusion (?).

Anonymous said...

Art Deco master Emile-Jacques Ruhlmann's motto was: "Think big; think beautiful!"