Sunday, August 29, 2010

Marathon Man barefoot and (almost) naked!

Last night Marathon Man ran 10k for North York General Hospital’s Underwear Affair® and raised $900! As you can see in the first photo he ran in his newly tie-died boxer/briefs (the handy work of E&H). And I was so sure he'd wear boxers!?!
This was Marathon Man's first time at The Affair - a crazy event where participants show up in their skivvies. The cause - to help uncover the cure for 'underfunded' below-the-waist cancers like prostate, ovarian, and colorectal.
This was also Marathon Man's first 'official event' running barefoot. He's been running without shoes for about 2 months now. So far so good, he says. All previous injuries (and there have been many) have literally disappeared! A few blisters here and there are the only issue now. FYI for all the concerned and/or curious he hasn't stepped on any sharp objects (yet). So far so good, I say.
The last photo is of Marathon Man just before he crossed the finish line (yeah). All the other photos are of strangers who generously obliged when asked if I could take their pictures. Note to all those strangers: Thank you! It's people like you that make an event like this so much fun!
And note to Marathon Man: This was a lot of fun! I'm thinking that we should add it to your annual roster? And maybe next year I'll run with you? I'll borrow your boxers - knowing they'll be available;)
$900! Wow!!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the barefoot 'Marathon Man' and to all the others who make it happen!
It looks like a lot of fun so double bonus. Love the 'designer' underwear.

DJJ said...

Congrads MM. E&H great boxer design, do you sell them? I am a medium.

Hannah said...

Yes we can sell them. It's $100 because they're custom made (and I am saving for university) but given the fact that you're family it would be $21 (that's wholesale) or if you'd like MM's 'used ones' that would be $5 (he's a medium too).

Gail said...

wowser, wowser

SJ said...

Way to go MM and Thumbs up to your designers!! See you there next year.

The Old Fart said...

Well done, good Sir! You're braver than I, not to mention in better shape.